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3 Blockchain Projects Focused on Decentralizing Bioscience

3 Blockchain Projects Focused on Decentralizing Bioscience

Blockchain projects focused on Bioscience
Blockchain projects focused on Bioscience

Human genomics and deep learning could be the most important technological breakthroughs of recent times while advancements in DNA sequencing help to expand the genomic toolkit to provide a more accurate view into biology. Decentralized science, or De-Sci, is an emerging sector in the crypto space that could disrupt the entire scientific marketplace where genomic data is bought and sold.

Deep learning is a form of AI that uses data to automate software development and could turbocharge nearly every industry in the coming decades. Its estimated that $30 trillion could be added to the global equity market capitalization over the next 15-20 years thanks to deep learning, according to recent research published by Ark Invest.

Deep Learning is the Future

The popular investment firm founded by Cathy Wood estimates that computer code written by machines could be the most important software that is created in the future. Deep learning will enable autonomous vehicles, accelerate drug discovery, and change the way we interact with almost all large-scale internet services in the future.

Manufacturing will benefit from AI and machine learning in the future as automation and robots become more prevalent. Autonomous ride-hailing and drone delivery is believed to dominate urban transport and logistics over the next decade, all requiring large amounts of computational power.

Genomic sequencing technology is advancing and promises to give a more accurate view into human biology. Deep learning algorithms are used by scientists to advance treatments in pediatric cancers, hereditary disease, and increase accuracy of molecular diagnostics.

Ark Invest has published estimates highlighting new cell and gene therapy innovations that could increase the total addressable market for oncology therapeutics by more than 20-fold. Artificial intelligence reduces the rate of failure and decrease the time required to bring treatments to market.

Democratizing genomic data

As these technologies increase at a rapid pace, blockchain projects focused on decentralizing the Bioscience and AI sectors are starting to gain traction as greater emphasis is placed on democratizing genomic data and monetizing computational power.

While privacy concerns and the cost to reward debate continues, there is one group of projects that has the goal of bringing blockchain technology to the medical fields as a way to encourage advancing science through a flexible marketplace that connects data buyers and sellers.

1. Vectorspace AI

Vectorspace AI provides On-Demand Correlation Matrix Datasets for Hidden Relationship Detection in Data & Training in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems. The VXV platform powers research groups in space bio sciences along with data vendors, funds and institutions by generating on-demand Natural Language Processing/Understanding correlation matrix datasets.

Every 24 hours Vectorspace AI analyzes thousands of bio-scientific research papers that are published around the world through the National Library of Medicine (NLM) and other sources including the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a curated literature hub for tracking up-to-date scientific information about the 2019 novel Coronavirus.

The VXV token can be used to pay for a subscription to access Vectorspace AI’s services. The connected wallet serves as an API key for the distribution of datasets and is used to track the origin of data.

2. EncryptGen

EncrypGen is a project that seeks to breakdown the genomic data monopolies who make much of their revenue from selling the data they collect. The Gene-Chain is the only free market for genomic data powered by blockchain, and is committed to democratizing and decentralizing science (De-Sci).

DNA is a utility token that is used to buy and sell anonymous DNA profiles using the EncrypGen Marketplace. Anyone can earn DNA tokens whenever someone buys their profile for scientific research, empowering individuals to make choices and benefit monetarily through their contributions.

3. Solve Care

Solve Care is a relationship management blockchain for digital health networks that features a full stack platform and mobile app. Following the outbreak of COVID-19, remote healthcare services have seen explosive growth that show no signs of slowing down.

Users can download the Care Wallet and manage a diverse range of health networks to find doctors, make appointments, and receive a virtual checkup. Aside from consumer services, Solve Care also offers a suite of applications for healthcare providers.

Medical device and AI company AliveCor recently partnered with SolveCare and it was announced that KardiaMobile EKG devices will be connected to SolveCare’s global telehealth exchange to allow users to share EKG data with their doctors through the Solve.Care blockchain platform.

The $SOLVE token is a digital currency for healthcare, usable for transactions on the Solve Care platform. The technology enables patients, developers, healthcare organizations, and any participant to retain ownership of data.