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API Quick Start Guide

Sample Response: https://daxsta.com/api/?apifunction=movers&apimode=30d&apiorder=desc&apilimit=50&apiexclude=true&apikey=your_key

The Daxsta API has 6 main controls for data retrieval:

apifunctionFunction: Specifies the desired dataset to be retrieved.
apimodeMode: Determines the data mode for the function.
apiorderOrder: Defines the sort order for the dataset (most often either ascending or descending).
apilimitLimit: Sets the limit for the number of results in the dataset.
apiexcludeExclude: Option to exclude stable coins and wrapped assets from the dataset.
apikeyKey: User-provided API key for accessing advanced functions. Contact support@daxsta.com


The API returns a JSON object with the following properties:

JSON PropertyDescription
daxsta_saysHuman-readable API message, useful for debugging.
updatedTimestamp indicating the last update of the data.
dataThe main API data, containing the requested information

1. API Function


To retrieve useful API data, you must first specify a function from the options below:

marketMarket listStart limit. Ex. apimode=0 would start on the 1st item in the list.
moversLarge price movements24h, 7d, 14d, 30d
ranks*Top ranking assetsmarket_cap, total_volume, ath_change, market_cap
volume*Volume vs. supply metricsmarket_cap, volume, circulating_supply, total_supply, price_change
supply*Circulating supply metricspercent, total_supply
range*Volatility range metricsmarket_cap, total_volume_daily_range
globalGlobal market statistics.None.
flipindex*The Flippening Index.None.
alts*Altseason index and statusNone. See additional properties table.
articlesArticles and insightsComing soon…
*API Key Required. Contact us for special pricing while in BETA. ETH and USD accepted.
alts Additional JSON PropertyDescription
avgGainAverage Alt Season Index Gain in %
btcPerfBTC 30D Performance in %
altVerdictIs it altseason?
altPerfNumber of assets outperforming BTC
lcMovesLarge Cap Moves vs. BTC

2. API Mode


The API mode serves as a filter to refine the data within a particular function. When no mode is specified, the default mode for the function will be used. Consult the Functions section to see the available modes for each function.

3. Order


The order parameter allows you to sort the data within the dataset either in ascending or descending order. Please note that the sort order may be the reverse of what you expect, depending on the type of data being retrieved.

4. Limit


The limit parameter allows you to specify the amount of data you want to retrieve in the API dataset. By default, a limited number of results will be returned. To retrieve a larger amount of data, an API key is required.

5. Exclude


The exclude feature enables you to remove stable coins and wrapped assets from the dataset. This can be achieved by adding the apiexclude tag to the API call.

6. Key


The API key is a user-supplied identifier that is required to access advanced API functions and increased rate limits. Without an API key, certain functions may be limited in their capabilities.